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Grand Opening

Your dreams have come true. We're open!

Firetrucker Brewery is out of the gate and running strong! We thank you for your support! Quality craft beers, fine art and a wide range of food and live music have quickly made the brewery taproom a popular gathering spot. After several years of planning, our micro-brewery opened on July 4th of 2014 with a bang!

Come Visit the Brewery
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Explore the magic of Firetrucker beers

Here is where we get down and show you the goods. Firetrucker has flagship beers year-round, and loves to experiment with new special brews with an ongoing passion. Whether they are seasonal or just kick ass, we will have goodies on constant rotation.

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Hot Recent Happenings

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Upcoming Firetruckin' Fun

There's nothing fun about sitting on the sidelines, and with as much fun as we're having you're not going to want to miss anything going on at Firetrucker. To be sure you don't miss out, jump on our social channels and tune in to our updates. We look forward to seeing you at the brewery.

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What Firetrucker Exists For

The art of craft beer begins with a spirit of innovation, a sense of community and the desire to improve life. We enjoy creating and sharing craft beers because it brings people together. By appreciating the simple, yet finer things, our quality of life improves. Also beer is awesome.

We live, breathe, and eat local. Community support is important to us, as is supporting our community. From being green and buying local ingredients, to helping with charity and community events, we reach out and support central Iowa in every way possible. Beer is art, so drink up.

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Be Firetruckin' Awesome

Show your colors and pick up Firetrucker Brewery t-shirts, growlers and other goodies. Produced at local Des Moines shops and crafted to be as incredibly wearable and enjoyable as our beers are tasty.

Get Your Swag On
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Firetrucker Brewery